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Accelraise – leveling the fundraising field.

Accelraise was created out of necessity by a small organization that couldn’t ever seem to get it right when it came to fundraising.  We worked hard to create something that would make our fundraising a success – and now we want to help you do the same!


TAKE CONTROL of your fundraising today with our powerful fundraising platform.

Bring the most powerful fundraising tools to YOUR organization – no matter what the size.


“A-thons” and Pledge Drives

Want to make more from your Jog/Read/Dance/Bowl/Swim/WHATEVER-a-thon than you ever thought possible?
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Online Auctions

Take your auction online and EXPLODE your reach – without a big minimum commitment! Easy to setup and use!
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Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments, pledge drives – whatever you have in mind, you’ll make more money with AccelRaise – or it’s free!
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Spend your time on things that MAKE MORE MONEY. 

When it comes to fundraising, you only have so many days and so many hours.  Traditional fundraising is long and slow – and too much time is wasted either chasing payments, information, and people or creating spreadsheets and other administrative time-wasters!  Launch your event on the ACCELRAISE platform and get amazing results TODAY!

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Use Accelraise and boost your fundraising by 200% or more!

Accelraise consistently DOUBLES the results of “a-thons” and other traditional fundraising events!

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“The AccelRaise platform has done miracles for our fundraising. Our events are MORE PROFITABLE than ever before.”

Roger Castle, President 

Everything done through this one platform. Easy and simple.

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