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Everyone in your group gets their own fundraising page


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Your group shares their pages using built in sharing tools


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Online checkout, instant feedback, and time saving features accelerate your efforts


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Some of the Events We Do


Spend your time on things that MAKE MORE MONEY. 

When it comes to fundraising, you only have so many days and so many hours.  Traditional fundraising is long and slow – and too much time is wasted either chasing payments, information, and people or creating spreadsheets and other administrative time-wasters!  Launch your event on the ACCELRAISE platform and get amazing results TODAY!

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Use Accelraise and boost your fundraising by 200% or more!

Accelraise consistently DOUBLES the results of “a-thons” and other traditional fundraising events!

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“The AccelRaise platform has done miracles for our fundraising. Our events are MORE PROFITABLE than ever before.”

Roger Castle, President 

Everything done through this one platform. Easy and simple.

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